Thomas Speck, PhD, chemist
Since 2011 with InnoRa, 10 years experience in analytical chemistry, product management, project management, international marketing

Ulrich Speck, PhD
Several decades experience in pharmacology, pharmaceutical research and development; IP, regulatory aspects.

Full time scientists graduated in biochemistry, biotechnology, chemistry, pharmacy, veterinarian medicine

Maciej Kusmierczuk, engineer
Since 2014 with InnoRa, Investigation of application possibilities of new methods or new materials for Stents and balloon catheters

Maren Kutschera, PhD, nutritional scientist
Since 2010 with InnoRa, clinical and regulatory affairs

Melanie Löchel, PhD, DVM
Since 2006 with InnoRa, balloon coating, local drug delivery in various animal species

Melanie-Herse-Näther, PhD, chemist
Since 2015 with InnoRa, analytical chemistry

Daniel Peters-Berg, PhD, pharmacist
Since 2012 with InnoRa, formulation, coating of medical devices

Stephanie Bienek, PhD, biochemistry and molecular biology
Since 2009 with InnoRa, project management, pharmacology, in vitro testing, quality assurance

Sebastian Schurmann-Kaufeld, pharmacist
Since 2014 with InnoRa, coating of medical devices

Denise Schütt, PhD, chemist
Since 2013 with InnoRa, analytical chemistry

Dedicated analytical lab and large animal cath lab groups

Associated Clinical and Regulatory group

Established network of cooperation